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7 Things to do the Day Before Starting a New Job

Yippee! The day has finally come! Well, the day before has finally come. I start my new job tomorrow, after FOUR long months of unemployment! I left my last position after it took a major toll on me. The first few weeks off were about recovery for me. I took the time to recover, re-evaluate, and do a little bit of traveling. After I felt like I was in a better headspace, I decided to really get back into the workforce.

Unfortunately, I was having a hard time finding something I wanted to do. Or at least, finding something that wouldn’t make me completely miserable. I took online evaluations, spoke with a therapist, and scoured daily. Not to mention driving my family and close friends crazy by pleading for advice.

Finally, after months of job-hunting, Uber driving, and lying awake at night worrying about the future, I got a job! The process was pretty quick, thankfully. Now, the time has almost come, and I start my job tomorrow! I thought I would share what I’m doing today in preparation.


1. Read the Welcome Email!

Ok, this one is a pretty obvious one. I clearly read the email the second it hit my inbox. I’m talking about obsessively reading this email. Over and over. I’ve got the damn thing memorized. I’m terrified I’ll forget to bring something important or show up at the wrong time. This job is starting on a Tuesday, which brought me a whole bunch of anxiety about missing a day.

“Surely they won’t start me on a Tuesday…oh God, I’ve missed my first day of work!” – Me, all day Monday.

But, after the 100th time reading the email, I’m finally convinced that my first day is tomorrow. And I will absolutely have my folder of documents sitting by the door, ready to go!


2. Choose First-Day Outfit

Alright, probably another obvious one. But if I don’t choose now, this will surely be something that keeps my lying awake tonight, wondering what I’m going to wear.

Also, I have a proclivity for tardiness. If I don’t choose now, I’ll change 15 times tomorrow and end up wearing the first thing I tried on anyway.



This is a hard one for me. I’ve been pretty much on a no-schedule type of schedule the past four months. It’s 4:00 pm and I’m tired, dammit! I’m sitting here, trying to relax on my last day to relax, and fighting off sleep like a stubborn toddler.

I just keep telling myself, “I can’t nap. I’ll be awake all night. Worrying. Then I’ll be late for work. My first day. Everyone will shun me. Don’t sleep.” BUT HOW? I’m a sleepy girl. When I want to sleep, I sleep. How can I stay awake?

That brings me to my next thing…


4. Find a Creative Outlet

I thought to myself, what keeps me awake?  I don’t want to drink coffee or Red Bull and, again, be up all night. So, I decided to write a blog post! When I’m working on my blog, I get inspired and a bit invigorated.It also helps me focus my energy somewhere other than worrying. I pulled out my laptop and started typing. And, well, here we are! I’m still sleepy, but now I have something to focus on.

Other than what’s going to happen on next week’s Game of Thrones finale.


5. Get That Workout In!

Wait…did I really just say that?

Yeah. I did. I started 21 Day Fix by Beachbody last week. Yes, I skipped some days, so it’s turning into a 28 Day Fix. But still. I’ve been (relatively) consistent with it so far. I’m going to try really hard to not let a new schedule ruin it.

Ordinarily, I would jump at any excuse to ignore a workout. But not this time! I’m a new woman! For now anyway. Also, hoping the workout helps with resisting the urge to nap.


6. Shower & Get Partially Ready

When I’m used to my routine, I like to shower in the morning. But not when I’m worried about sleeping through my alarm and being late. Plus, I’m going to be doing the aforementioned workout. So I’m certainly not going to bed sweaty.

This step is twofold because I have pretty hard to manage hair. If I go ahead and get my shower in tonight, I can blow dry and straighten my hair tonight. One less thing to make me potentially late in the morning! This can go for anything you can do the night before. Face masks, manicures, pedicures, etc. Anything you can do to give yourself extra time in the morning!


7. Go to bed early and set 50 alarms

Yep, I’m a snoozer. Did I mention I’m a sleepy girl? If you can believe it, I’m not much of a morning person.  I’m usually leery of taking a melatonin or chugging ZzzQuil if I have to wake up early because, you guessed it, I’m afraid of sleeping late. So hopefully the combination of not napping, working out, and showering will help me go to sleep at a reasonable hour!

Then there are the alarms. I wish I could wake up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at the first sound of an alarm. But alas, I cannot. Not yet anyway. For now, I SWEAR I will not sleep through my alarms in the morning.


Wish me luck! What do you guys do the day before something big?



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18 thoughts on “7 Things to do the Day Before Starting a New Job

  1. Good luck!! I know you’ll do amazing so try your best not to worry. I’m very sleepy too so I set a crazy about of alarms.

    Faye Jessica |

    1. Haha yeah, I like to be on the safe side! It’s just an admin position, but hopefully it’ll lead to more later on!

      Thank you!! 🤗

  2. Since snoozing actually makes me MORE sleepy throughout the day, I’ve started setting my alarm on my phone and leaving it across the room. When I get up to turn it off, I immediately turn on the lights and some pop or hip hop to avoid going back to sleep.
    Good luck today!

    1. Great idea! I definitely need to try your method! Would also help me not spend an hour scrolling through my socials before I actually put the damn thing up and go to sleep 🙈

  3. Good luck, you’ll be amazing – I am far from a morning person too. I love #4, Blogging is very therapeutic and can relax me so much!

    Sophie |

    1. I wish I was a morning person! I’m trying to turn into one but it’s not working yet 😂

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