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Yippee! The day has finally come! Well, the day before has finally come. I start my new job tomorrow, after FOUR long months of unemployment! I left my last position after it took a major toll on me. The first few weeks off were about recovery for me. I took

The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls. If I had to choose one word to describe this book, it might have to be “heartbreaking.” However, I don’t think that it leaves you feeling broken-hearted overall. It definitely has its sad parts,

The Girls by Emma Cline

Rating: 2 stars | Spoiler Alert (kind of? it’s a small one)

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I‘ve been asked before why I chose to go with ‘It’s Fine’ as the name of my blog. It was only once, but I still thought it was a question worth addressing. I’d wanted to start a blog for awhile, and one thing I

Hey hey beautiful people! Earlier this week, my sweet new friend Lisa nominated my blog, It’s Fine the Blog, for a Liebster award! Please go show her some love at! Prior to Lisa’s post, I had no idea what