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Why “It’s Fine”?

I’ve been asked before why I chose to go with ‘It’s Fine’ as the name of my blog. It was only once, but I still thought it was a question worth addressing. I’d wanted to start a blog for awhile, and one thing I could never decide on was a good name. I would have something that I thought sounded ok, but when I imagined telling my friends and family about my blog, the name would mortify me.

Several months ago I started working at the worst job of my life. I can get more into that later (if anyone cares). Long story short, there was a LOT of customer service issues that my team was in charge of. This included a lot of being yelled at. One day, one of my coworkers and I were choosing what meme best fit everyone in the office. We’d already sorted everyone at the company into their Hogwarts house. She said that I would be the dog in the burning house, saying “this is fine.” And that’s really how I felt at work most days.



I was already in the habit of saying “it’s fine” after almost every horrible thing that happened at work. Maybe I picked it up from Jenna & Julien originally? I tend to adopt most of their colloquialisms into my own vocabulary (#getlegs.) Usually when I adopt a new “catchphrase”,  I run it into the ground pretty quickly. I was literally saying “it’s fine” about a hundred times a day. It was probably due to the fact that I was so overwhelmed with everything. All I could do was just accept the fact that I was drowning and say “it’s fine.”



I like this phrase for several reasons, and I still use it semi-regularly. On the one hand, I’ve always been a big fan of pop-punk emo-ish music. You know we love to be dramatic. I’M SO NOT FINE RIGHT NOW BUT I’M GOING TO SAY I AM.



I also try to not get overwhelmed with stuff. It doesn’t always work (re: why I quit my last job), but I try not to stress out or panic. Saying “it’s fine” constantly was like a mantra that made me feel like things might be ok. I’ll be fine.



But, mostly, I like to make people laugh. When you’re in the middle of fighting back tears because someone yelled at you and you hate your job, saying “it’s fine” is kind of funny. When shit gets bad, make a joke and move on.


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8 thoughts on “Why “It’s Fine”?

  1. You sound like you have a lot of patience, I can think of many other sayings that people could have stuck with in your position! I’m like you with the ‘let it go over your head stance’

  2. I loved reading this. You’re definitely patient but I think it’s great that you try to make people laugh too. Also, you mentioned Harry Potter and used a Friends gif so this really is my kind of post haha!

    1. Oh yaay! Haha thank you so much! Harry Potter and Friends will be main staples in my posts 😂

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